Introductory Video

If I may be so bold, in this introductory video, I explain my reasons for, and approaches to, the training. Summary included below.


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General Experience

Vast experience, with last several years in NodeJs, web development.

Enter strapi!

Few years ago, started delving into strapi and really took to it, for various reasons.

Experience with strapi

strapi contract landed, early 2019, to design and architect a custom, strapi solution. Result? Fantastic, in-the-trenches, development experience with strapi.

Decided to fill a gap in training videos for strapi. Factors contributing to my wanting to strapi training videos include: passion for full-stack, NodeJs/Javascript web development, natural desire to teach, train, and empower users and stakeholders.

The Approach to Training

Use online teaching strategies/techniques, as well as using learning styles, e.g. visual, verbal, social, physical (labs), etc.


Hope you enjoy the videos!

Training Videos

More to come soon!