Video Summary: Quick, foundational refresher about the World Wide Web.

The Four Basic Components for Our Purposes

You the Client, Internet Service Provider (ISP), The Web (& DNS), Web Servers

Walk Thru the Response/Request Flow

How does a request for a web page respond with the data to have it rendered on our browser?

Fully Annotated Diagram & Review

Quick review of the previous response/request flow.

NOTE: Affirm Many Missing Details

Quick note acknowledging details that are beyond the scope of this video.

NOTE: Using Current Site as Example

Quick mention that the video uses this site, on which video is hosted, as an example for explanation.

NOTE: Expand a Little on DNS

Some elaboration on how Domain Name Service (DNS) works.

Closing Summary of Video Purpose

Self explanatory.

Video Series

Current video is part of a series.
Series: Business Owners' Intro to Strapi

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