Video Summary: A quick look at a sample web site that uses strapi as a headless CMS.

Quick Show of The Sample Website

Actual showing of the website ( being used for these videos.

Social Media Footer to be Used for this Demo

Touch on the website footer that will illustrate how strapi, headless CMS facilitates content management.

Credits: HTML 5 Up Templates

Giving credit to web template used, HTML 5 Up, to create the website.

Tech Description of Sample Website

Getting more into the technical weeds of how the website is designed & architected.

Website's Javascript for Fetching from strapi

A quick look at the Javascript used for fetching the footer data from strapi.

Context: Website w/in the Web Diagram

Quick reminder of where our website fits into the overall diagram.

Strapi Instance Console.

Quick look at what strapi looks like running in the server console.

Context: DB Config in the strapi App

Some tech details of how our strapi instance is configured to use an external database (DB).

Context: MongoDB Atlas

Piggybacking on previous chapter, this one shows how we are using MongoDB Atlas to host our data.

Context: strapi App & DB w/in the Web Diagram

Quick context reminder of how strapi and the DB fit into the overall diagram.

Strapi Admin Overview

Finally, a quick look at the strapi admin user interface (UI).

Strapi Content Types

High level peek at where content types are defined in strapi admin.

Strapi Data for Content Types

Peek at how the actual content data is entered into the strapi admin.

Consuming the strapi Footer Route via Browser

A look at how we can do a smoke test by going over the Javascript to show how to use the strapi, headless CMS, API endpoint for the footer in our example.

Quick Look at the Footer Raw Data

Continuing from previous chapter, we look at the footer data in raw format.

Demo: Verify Updated Data via Endpoint on Browser

Quick demonstration of how to verify strapi, headless CMS by updating data and verifying at endpoint on browser.

Demo: Update Website via strapi Admin

Quick demonstration of how to update our website via the strapi admin.

Video Series

Current video is part of a series.
Series: Business Owners' Intro to Strapi

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